To extend healthy life expectancy by 8 years.

Our Description of Business

Medical Checkup Reservation Site MRSO.

A website for making reservations for medical checkups, boasting the largest listing of medical facilities in Japan. We are also in collaboration with T-points. We will help everyone make informed decisions with regard to medical checkups.

Extending everyone's lifespan by 8 healthy years

A project to bring the industrial world and the medical world together and to raise awareness for increasing healthy life expectancy in society.

The medical facility home page package

To survive the "warring states period" of medical facility administration, we provide a home page that will increase reservations.

Company Overview

Company Name MRSO,Inc.
Access 17F Shiroyama Trust Tower
4-3-1 Toranomon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-6017 JAPAN
Founded February,2015
Common Stock 320,625,000yen
President and CEO Tsunegoroh Nishino